Website design and build

Whether you have it all planned out or have no idea where to start, I can design and build the perfect site that you will be 100% happy with or it won't go live until you are! I won't charge you upfront for design and build and hosting starts from £9.60 per month incl VAT rising to £22.80 per month incl VAT for a full ecommerce site.  Alternatively, you can save some money by buying a years hosting upfront.  Website design, build and SEO starts from £100.

Domain name advice and acquisition

Sometimes you might find that the domain name (web address) you want has already been taken but there are ways around this and they are really quite simple and very affordable, usually around £9.99 per year.

LOGO Design (including full commercial use)

A great logo is a must for a business! It doesn't have to be complex or busy, just memorable and representative of your brand.  Again, these are very affordable, usually around £10 - £40, depending on what you will be using it for, but the £10 option is usually sufficient for most.

SEO (How to get found on Google etc)

This is another area where people usually get stung by being told things like "we'll get you to number 1 on Google!".  This is actually SEM (Search Engine Marketing - paid for results) and unless you have hundreds of thousands of pounds to throw at Google on a daily basis, it is not going to happen.  However, with clever SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - free and trusted results) you will get found very easily on Google without having to spend a single pound with them.  This is a service I offer with every web build along with various other free 'tricks of the trade' to get your website working for you as quickly as possible

Social Media Advice & Set up

Love it or Hate it, Social media is here to stay and after a website, is the first place people will go to research a business.  I can easily set this up for you and the bonus is that linking your website to Social Media accounts will only help improve your online ranking. If you already have your social media accounts set up, these will be linked for free.  If you have no Social Media presence, I can set this up for you. Prices available on request

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